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Useful information for your site

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    Hello. I could help you to solve the problems with your site. I can make it more visited and more profitable. Attracting more visitors and conversion enhancement are my strong points. I have been engaged in site making, updating and promotion thereof since 2004, with both commercial and information projects. My rates are quite moderate.

    I’m specializing in the following:

    1. Website promotion in search engines. I could make it possible to bring your site to the top of the search results that are of interest to you.

    2. Error correcting and site debugging. I will help make your site the highest quality and relevant to the requirements of search engines. I work on identifying and eliminating bugs, increasing conversions, speeding up site loading, etc. I deal with all kinds of issues, from code to design.

    3. Site-making. I am engaged in the creation of sites of various types.

    4. Start-up, content management and promotion of groups and channels in social networks (YouTube, Face book, etc.).

    5. Customer feedback. Making and promoting good reviews on the Internet, removing and reducing the visibility of bad ones.

    6. Various types of mailing lists selected from my databases for your business. I am engaged in the following mailings: e-mailing, feedback mailing, mailing by chats on websites, and on social network profiles.

    7. There is much more that I could be of assistance to you with.

    To contact me, please write to the following e-mail: itmikhailr85@gmail.com

1 yazı görüntüleniyor (toplam 1)
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